At each end of the supply chain, there are buyers and sellers that rely on each other for success. Regardless of whether you need to promote a product or service, you need to effectively target the right audience, in the right way and using the right dialogue.

Shopping list :

Brand image
Advertising and promotion
Market studies and surveys
Product launches
B2B operations
Communication strategy
Marketing strategy
Media relations strategy
Placement strategy (traditional and online)
Searching for talent



Everything begins with creation. Starting with life. Today’s consumers buy a colour, a font, a story and a brand long before the product or service itself. Whatever brand sparks the most appealing emotion with consumers will be the brand that incites customers into action.

Sources of attraction:

Advertising creation
Brand and product design
Promotional campaigns
Radio/Television/Web production



There’s the web, and then there’s the WEB with Idecom, an essential tool to propel your business. Having a beautiful website isn’t enough; it must represent your reality and be well thought-out in terms of marketing in order to generate sales. It’s the same thing on social media: you can expect to simply have a Facebook and Twitter account in the hopes you’ll boost revenues. It’s all about consistently telling your story and starting a conversation with your followers. There is a lot of ignorance on the web and nonsense on the social media. But there is also intelligence. And that’s where we come in.

Intelligent consulting:

Web solutions (php/.net) / CMS / E-commerce
Web strategy
Online marketing
Social media management
SEO and AdWords campaigns


Media Placement.

Promoting yourself or being heard is one thing. Doing it with the right people and through the best media channels is another. Your best investment is to entrust us with your media placement.

Media services:

Target analysis
Media strategy and planning
Placement purchase and negotiation
Advertising campaign post-analysis



We live in an era with a kaleidoscope of images. Let your brand shine through the imagery you project.

Image production:

Studio shoots – people or products
Video capsules
Motion videos
Television advertising


Brand object.

A name, a logo, a colour. The more we show them and the more we share them, the more the brand is committed to memory. Talk to Nike about it.

A variety of promo items:

An wide array of corporate and promotional items
Contacts in China to ensure quality
Logo printing and embroidery